I’m very happy to hear back from you. These are not the first leashes I’ve ordered from you, and I’m very fond of how convenient they are to use hands free, particularly in winter!
Linda Winkel

Thank you for getting back to me. I bought my first lead from you about 13 years ago when I was 300lbs and I had a Havanese. That happened at Woofstock in Toronto. I still have your leash and just now the clipper broke. I bought it because nothing would fit me because I was 300lbs. I’m now 165lbs now and I still love the leash.


“As the owner of 2 dogs, I absolutley love using Best Leash. I am no longer being pulled in opposite directions and have better control over the dogs being on 1 leash. I also found that I can clip Best Leash to my belt loop and walk both dogs with absolutely no hands.”

Uzi Grunvald

I tried your leash and I really like it. It is so versatile! I really like the idea that it can free your hands to simulate off-leash training while still having the safety of the leash. I also like that you can secure the leash around your shoulder to prevent back injury that could occur with the leash around your waste. I will let my clients know about Best Leash as I will be using it as I demo leash exercises in class. All the best!


Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Training (CAPPDT) , Nov 5, 2007

Norma Jeanne Laurette Chair; International Positive Dog Training Association (IPDTA) Chief Editor;

I have found the Best Leash to be a liberating expereince for my Aussie pup and me. I loop the leash over my shoulder so if she pulls, she isn’t pulling on my back. I love the hands-free capability and have purchased a second leash, just in case something happens to my first one. I would not want to be without it!

Jan Morris

As the owner of 4 dogs, (3 Small, 1 Big), best leash makes walking them a breeze, I own 2 best leashes, and they are really an exceptional product. Gone are the days of me and 4 leashes stuffed in my pockets, dropping them when I go to get a bag out of my pocket for you know what. Just want to thank you and your team over there at best leash for making my life easier, and for a quality product, worth every penny

Jesse Burnett

Dear Mark:

Happy New Year to you. Actually the leash is working out quite well for me. I have been using it when I teach my beginner’s obedience course where I often want my dog attached to me but still need to keep both hands free.

Dr. Stanley Coren

Hi Mark, It was great to meet you. You are so dynamic and I love the leash!!! You know, it’s funny because I’ve been a professional dog walker for ten years now and today for the first time, I felt like I looked the part!!! The gear is grrreat!!! I love being hands free!!! I do a lot of clicker training and this frees up both my hands. I need one to hold the clicker and one to deliver the reward. Thanks for inventing the Best Leash:)))

Marlo Hiltz, CPDT

Hi! I am a Border Collie and my name is Beauregard. Not only am I the proud owner of a BEST LEASH but I also got to meet Mark who designed it. You know he is real good with dogs. My mom loves the BEST LEASH because on walks I often see or hear something that scares me. With the BEST LEASH, there is no danger of me getting away and running off in fear. It keeps me safe. I would definitely give BEST LEASH 4 paws up. Thank you.

Beauregard – Border Collie

I just I love best leash. This is the leash I have been searching for. If you need any help marketing or selling your product in the Hamilton/Burlington area please do not hesitate to give me a call. I would love to be a part of helping you get this product out there.

Jody Smith

Mark and Eddy,

Best Leash lives up to its name! I love the convenience of clipping it around my waist and having my hands free. And being able to quickly secure the leash to a fence post makes putting on my hiking boots so much easier!

It is safe and easy to use. And my dog, Dash, likes it too. Thank you!

Carola – New Hampshire, USA

Thanks Mark. I Have sent a few people your way and have gotten feedback that your customer service was Awesome. One client ordered two leashes a couple days ago and already has them. Thanks for taking care of my clients

Yvette, Awesome Dogs

I am sooooooooooooo excited with the leash and Mark is amazing ! Dazy and I had the best walk of her life this morning.

Wendy Preskow

Hi Mark, The leash is wonderful. I’ve used it a lot, mostly with my younger dog to go hiking in the conservation area. It’s great to be hands free. I’ll even double loop it around my waist when I want him walking a little closer to me


Not sure if I told you, the best part of the leash….it gets it out of people’s hands. They stop using the leash as a tether and start training the dog. The dogs react less because they aren’t as constricted by a short leash. Wasn’t sure if you knew it had that affect on some dogs. (Or should I say people – the dogs are only responding to it.)



I love and endorse ‘best leash’ products. Thanks for being so creative guys! You two have managed to not only be creative and innovative, but kept in the most important part of the product-fun! The best money a dog guardian will ever spend is this leash. Honestly dog lovers will find themselves wondering how they ever got on without it!

Teresa Lewin, Animal Behaviour Specialist

Hi Mark:

My husband Dave and I met you at the All About Pets Show. We are enjoying the Best Leash with Uli our Small Munsterlander. Dave will use it also when he takes the two Greyhounds for a walk with Uli. I used the leash when we were out training Uli on Chukars. He likes to pull, so when I tie the leash to my waist, I have my hands free to deal with other stuff and I don’t have to worry about losing him.
Take care.

Kathy Noble

“Best Leash” Product Review

The “Best Leash” really is the best. It is great because you can walk your dog hands-free. You simply sling the leash over your shoulder or wrap it around your waist like you would a belt. And having my hands free is awesome especially when I have to run errands, carry things like my groceries, take a phone call or use my blackberry.

It makes walking the dog an even better experience.

Joey Garr

The leashes arrived today, and I wasted no time trying them out. I hooked two couplers on a leash and put it over my shoulder and connected 2 dogs then repeated the same steps with a 2nd Peanut. I was then easily able to walk 4 dogs. When my husband got home I put the other two leashes on him and connected 4 more dogs. We were out the door in no time walking 8 at once!

Already Best Leash as brought me so much happiness, and I haven’t even used it in all the ways possible yet!

Thanks a million!!

Merry Fleishman, MD Pet Match Rescue

I belong to a forum of individuals who train their own service dogs using clicker training and they were discussing the multi-purpose leash (no brand name mentioned). I conducted an internet search and I found your product to be superior in quality over the others that I found.

Jacque Reynolds, President and CEO

I just checked out your new site and its amazing!!! I love the different colours and I love the poop bag. I need to order a couple of those.

Glad things are going well. I still use and love the leash.. My van is full of them!

Marlo Hiltz, Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA

This leash is amazing. When you can walk your dog and hold each of your kids hands and have no problems at all that means you have found a great product that works totally hands free as a leash for your dog

Sean Haynes

My dog-owner clients rave about this leash… to me… to their fellow dog-owners… on the street… at the dog park. It makes training so much simpler. I recommend these leashes to all my clients mainly for two reasons: It frees up the hands for training aids (clickers) and treats AND it helps clients to stop “power-steering” their dogs with the leash during the training process. (i.e. training for co-operation rather than using coercion). For owners with veteran pullers, this leash is a god-send….it saves the arm and shoulder from possible injury.

Lynn Hyndman, Dogs in Harmony Obedience Training & Education

We love our BEST LEASH….what an awesome idea. I clip it around my waist and I’m totally hands free for my morning power-walk. Thanks Mark!! Sandy & Mitzi

Sandy Kaufman, DOGGY HAVEN – HomeStyle Boarding

Hi Mark,

I very much appreciate the Leash. Being someone who sees with their dogs eyes due to my having no sight, the ability to stay attached to my guide dog while using both hands to explore my environment has made my life much simpler.


Lawrence Euteneier, Captain

Laura and Sean LOVE your product, and the dogs have a new leash on life! Thanks 🙂

Jonathan Wheatley

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Tara leash last Weds. Just as I predicted, the leash is great and thank you very much for sending it to me versus driving over 200kms. Like I mentioned I’d be driving to get it had you not shipped to me. So again thank you Kelly for taking the time to call me back with my request, Annette for talking to me last and taking my particulars and getting that fantastic leash sent out. Best wishes to all of you.

Sherry Knechtel

I received by best leash munchkin yesterday and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much for helping me with the ordering process.

Shelly Forkel

Dear Mark and Eddy

The new small Munchkin dog leash arrived yesterday afternoon and I tried it out in my dog class (for my Beagle Darby who exceeds the recommended weight limit). It works very well and is more comfortable to use for a little dog. I think that you will find a good market for it.

All the best

Stanley Coren