Does the safety clip that goes on the grommet before you clip the lead to it; make it awkward to change the clips to other grommets?
No, it is not awkward at all. You do have to switch the super link every time that you want to adjust the leash, however, we have experienced once the super links are set for the uses needed by the owner, they stay in that location. For example when you set for wrapping around your waist or cross lashing around your shoulder, the individual does not have to move that super link again. That leaves a second super link for another use. Every Best Leash ships with 2 super links. If you require more super links, they can be ordered through our web site
How can you shorten the leash so the dog is closer to you while wearing the leash around your waist?

Wrap the leash around your waist twice and connect it to the closest grommet after re-positioning the super link.

Is it possible to have the 8″ loop at both ends of the leash so I have the hand loop next to the collar?

If you want to accomplish a handle at both ends simply put a super link in the closest grommet on the opposite end and clip the bridal clip to the super link. You will have to use the bridal clip on the actual handle to secure your dog to the leash.

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